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Latest: CD Release Ansonica Records, Chévere

My first jazz suite, ¡La Habana, Mi Amor! has been recorded at Abdala Studios in Havana, Cuba. Ansonica Records released Chévere October 13, 2017. Want to buy? Here you go

The music is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon…


Embraces the Expressive and Melodic

Music of the 20th century can be characterized at best as eclectic and at worst, fragmented. There is no one common musical language all composers use. Lack of rigidity and rules and the wide array of choices cause many composers to forget about the listener, the audience. I compose so I can express for others those things they can not say for themselves. As a 21st-century composer, my focus is on the audience. I consider first who I am writing for, who will hear me, and why should they continue to listen.In my work, I want to create music that is intellectually and emotionally satisfying and accessible to people who never studied music as well as those who did.

Art by Marie Olofsdotter