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Latest: Coming up November 4, 2018

My latest piece for string orchestra premieres November 4, 2018!

Treats and Tricks: The Bach Edition

Sunday November 4, 2018 | 7PM Trianon Theatre
Barbara Day Turner, Conductor

Liana Bérubé and Philip Brezina, violins
The treats in our beautiful concert hall turn to tricks at intermission.
Dress like a member of the Bach family, get a free CD and compete for a prize!
J.S. Bach/Concerto for Two Violins
Music by Bach’s lost Son PDQ and LOTS of surprises

Embraces the Expressive and Melodic

I compose to express for others the things they can’t say for themselves.  I focus on the audience. Who I am writing for? Who will hear me. Why will they listen? I create music that is intellectually and emotionally satisfying and accessible to people who never studied music as well as those who did.

Art by Marie Olofsdotter