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Silicon Valley, India

Side saddle riding

How does a tech worker in Bangalore get to work? See the picture above. A few weeks ago, many tech workers staged a protest against the horrible traffic and state of the roads. They all took their laptops and seated themselves in some rented bullock carts and proceeded to connect to the internet! Then, they […]

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Bread on the Grill


Here is an email I sent to my daughter, Greer and my brothers. We are all cooking crazy on all sides of the family. My dad used to send me pictures of beer-can chickens and other things he made. Living in India is great fun, but does have some challenges. I want to explain a little about […]

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The Bangalore School of Music

Yesterday, Tom and I went to the invocation or opening of the new building for the Bangalore School of Music (www. The school has been around for 20 years and finally has a real building with real classrooms, practice rooms, studios, the lot. It is brand new. The first architect-designed music school building in the […]

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