Read my blog—just for fun

Tom and I are well settled into our home in San Jose after living abroad for several years. While we were gone, I wrote The Bangalore Blog to keep everyone up-to-date on our adventures. I stopped writing it one or two months after we got home; too much to do on our house, my composing career started getting really busy, and everyone knows what America looks like anyway. Right?

Since we returned home, I had so many people tell me how much they missed the Blog and wanted to know what I’m up to now. I kinda miss writing it too. One friend suggested I keep on writing; just write about music, life, travel and gardens. So, why not!? Everybody likes music, travel, and gardens, don’t they? So here we are.

I moved the old blog to a new site that’s easier to find and maintain. All the entries from the old blog are here. I’m gradually inserting the photos into the old entries since they didn’t transfer with the words. If you look at the entry “Trout Quintet” you’ll see my first attempt at inserting photos. This is a good spot to start anyway, since the first new adventure is about recording my large work Choose Life, Uvacharta Bachayim.