It’s All About Me!

It’s All About Me!

Mezzo-soprano and piano
Text, Delores Dufner

  1. Sweet Peas, 3:00
  2. The Snake Charmer 3:06
  3. My Darling Greer 2:48
  4. Brava! Brava! 6:22

Publisher: Reese & Hassing Music


It’s All About Me! is a song cycle based on events in the composer’s life. A brief description of each song follows.

Sweet Peas
In this up-tempo song in 7/8 and 5/8, the singer describes her favorite flowers and remembers her childhood.

The Snake Charmer
A child tells the story how a show-and-tell snake escapes into his parents’ bedroom. Special vocal sounds include musical whining and shrieking. The piano provides a snaky accompaniment.

My Darling Greer
This Latin-jazz-classical fusion song, the singer tells her daughter how proud she is of her.

Brava! Brava
This song is a very short opera where the singer takes on the role of the composer and sings all the parts herself. This piece provides ample opportunity for hamming it up and being outrageous.