Love Poems to the Moon

Love Poems to the Moon

Mezzo-Soprano, Piano, Flute, Cello or Bass
Text, Mona Lyn Reese
4:00 min.

  1. The Moon, Pale and Bright
  2. My Moon Shines
  3. The Misty Moon
  4. Tropical Moon

Publisher: Reese & Hassing Music


A young girl watches the man in the moon from her bedroom window and falls in love with him. She’s too young to go outside alone, so she sings and plays shimmering music on her flute.


January 2, 1972
The moon,
Pale and bright,
Shines and kisses my face through the window.
Cloudy or clear, he comes to make the night beautiful.
O my Moon!
Never wane.

February 13, 1972
My Moon shines a thousand times brighter;
Pale silver, unending silence.
The dark night dances in the light of the moon.

June 16, 1973
The misty moon swirls a gray silk fog on the shoulder of night.
One star shines, pale in the distance.

March 1, 1974
Tropical moon,
Burns bright fire!
Passionately it swirls the sea to flame.
Arise O Moon,
Cool the torpid day with the breath of tropical night.