Dîner Romantique

Dîner Romantique

Instrumentation options: Violin, Piano or Clarinet, Piano

  1. Bluepoints on the Halfshell 1:59
  2. Salad Schottische 3:00
  3. Chicken Kiev 2:26

©1981, 1995
Publisher: Reese & Hassing Music


Juan Cuneo (violin) commissioned Dîner Romantique as an encore piece for a recital. He said, “You know, sweetheart, something to make the people laugh.” Diner Romantique (music in the form of a dinner) was conceived at the Flame Room in the Radisson hotel (Minneapolis) where Juan used to play.

The clarinet version was written in 2007 for Conundrum Music, a chamber ensemble based in Cincinnati.

Program Notes

The form of each movement relates directly to its title. Bluepoints on the Halfshell, a tongue-in-cheek romantic theme and one variation, celebrates the popular reputation of oysters. The Salad Schottische is written in the standard old-time dance form AAB ABA CC ABA. Each part represents one ingredient of salad:  A, the greens; B, tossing them; and C is a good strong vinaigrette. The last movement, Chicken Kiev, describes the way a serving of chicken Kiev is constructed—first, a tangy butter beginning; second, a layer of tender chicken; and third, a crunchy, deep-fried outside.

Miss Reese writes, “This piece is dedicated to Julia Child who taught me how to cook, and to Juan Cuneo who taught me to have a good time with music.”