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My First Tabla Performance, Tabla Niketan

Getting Ready to Play

Oh boy! This has been one of the busiest times I’ve had in my professional career. I’ve had international and domestic recordings, travel,  and concerts up the wazoo since August. The tabla lessons  I started in February 2016, were on hold during February 2017. In March, Satish, my teacher and head of  Tabla Niketan,  started lessons again. […]

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New Drums, New Insights

Tablas I bought in India

Most professional musicians have given music lessons. We want our students to practice more, try harder, play for fun, all those things and more. A frustrating thing for me has been students with bad instruments. You know, the piano that sits in the garage, stringed instruments that have never had the bridge or nut adjusted, the […]

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Indian Music: Speaking Tabla

Ashwin Batish Sitar Power  Trio

The last time I wrote about Indian music, I described how Indian musicians create melody and improvise on it. Indian music is improvised, both melody and rhythm. For a composer like me, who writes everything, even  the smallest detail, abandoning decades of excruciating non-improvising, is a huge step. My goal for the Gayatri Mantra, the song I’m writing […]

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