Coming December 1st: The Mitten (El Mitón) recording from Navona Records

In September 2016, I went to Olomouc in the Czech Republic to record my children’s story The Mitten. You can read about it on my blog. I’m delighted that the CD will be available on Friday, December 1, 2017. The narration is in English and Spanish. I’m the English narrator, and Daniel Helfgot is the Spanish narrator. Daniel also translated the story. The album has already received a good review. The liner notes and buying information are available on the Navona Records website.

The story: A little boy goes to the forest to gather firewood. He drops a mitten in the snow. A mouse pops inside to get warm. A frog, an owl, a rabbit, fox, wolf, wild boar, and a bear join her. When a tiny cricket puts her toe in…well, you’ll just have wait and see!

Would you like to hear a sample of the music? Listen.

Marie Olofsdotter, who created all the art on this website, painted the album cover. The animals are so cute! Wouldn’t it be fun if children could color them? Well, they can. Download the pictures on the Just for Children section of this site. You can also download the story in English and Spanish if you want to follow along, or be the narrator yourself! There’s an instrument only version on the recording so you can do just that.

Marie and I talk about writing music, painting, and collaborating in the Video section of this site.

I hope you and any children you know will have fun with The Mitten.

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