New Family Member!!!!!

No, no, no. Don’t get excited. We are not grandparents (yet). This morning, I went to drink my coffee outside on our porch bench. Of course, one of the outside cats, Spot by name, was sitting on one of the pillows. I plopped down beside her and asked “How ya doin’ Spot?” Spot has lived outside our place for a long time, first as a kitten, then a full-grown cat.
Spot is the white one with the spot (next to the gray one). This photo is March 31, 2007. Spot is now a very young mother!

Recently, we noticed how pregnant she was. Anyhow, Spot got up to protest me sitting there and simultaneously demand her food.

She jumped down and to my surprise, she wasn’t pregnant anymore AND her kitten was on the cushion right next to me!!!!!
The kitten must be only a day or two old. Maybe Spot had her under the bench and decided to move up to the comfort and elegance of the pillows on top of the bench.

We’ve decided to take the new kitten’s picture every Friday and post it here. We have not decided on a name, the kitten’s sex is not yet known. Please post your name suggestions right here. In the proper Hindu tradition, we will not name the baby for some weeks. Mean time, we will call it Baby and Kitten or Diwali.

Of course, we had to hang out on the porch all day looking at the new baby. Spot is not that bright. She is not sure what to do. She often pushed the kitten off the bench and had hysterics. She seems really unsure of how to treat this tiny creature. Finally, Tom found an old box and put Kitten in it when Spot went out to the bushes for…you know. “Mew, mew, mew. Where’s my mommy? Where’s my food?”

“ACK! Where’s my baby!!!! I can hear her. Help! Help! I can’t stand it!!!!! Oh. There she is, in the box.”

It’s been like that all day. Today is Diwali, the festival of lights. That’s why our porch is decorated the way it is. More on Diwali later.

Saturday Morning
Well, Spot moved her kitten sometime during the night. I’m not surprised. Everybody was lighting fire crackers last night. The deafening noise went on for hours. We had to close the windows so we could sleep. Poor little things. I hope they get good rest today.

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