Previously unknown early works discovered

I’m getting a new website at last. I have a wonderful web-goddess to work with; the excellent Gabriela Martinez of Texto. She’s really making me pay attention to all the details, especially my large catalog of works. Yesterday, I was rummaging in the computer for lost program notes, lost mp3 files, lost scores, lots of lost or archived things. I have boxes of old programs and music in the basement, in the garage, in a million places I really didn’t want to look.

However, something good has come of all the searching! I found two of my very earliest pieces! It is so exciting. I’d forgotten I’d written them! Thank goodness my mother kept them. Here they are:

The later work, for flute and poet, was clearly influenced by the beatniks. I was fascinated with them, I work black leggings and a beret. I snapped my fingers too, I think I spent several afternoons learning how to do it, technique was very important, or your fingers got sore. I started piano lessons when I was 5 or 6 and flute when I was 8, I can tell from the notes I wrote, I had to have played the flute for a couple years. Another clue to the year, “Carter” mentioned in the poem was born in 1959. One of my jobs was to play with him after school so Mom could get a few chores done. Clearly, I had to be encouraged in my task. I’d like to report that my brother is a lot more fun to hang out with now, and no nagging is required!

I wonder if I can get a performance! Wouldn’t that be fun.

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