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Publishing. Ah, isn’t it fortunate to be a published composer? It is, but there are drawbacks as well, so I don’t try to get everything published. Some of my music is published with traditional publishers, and some is self-published at Reese & Hassing Music. How the heck do people find self-published music? Answer: It’s hard. If you know the piece you want, just email the composer and ask to rent or buy the music. If you don’t know what you want, it’s much harder. Many composers distribute their music through a music distributing house such as SheetMusicPlus or JW Pepper. A performer can search on the music distributor’s site for the kind of piece he wants, listen to it, and buy it as a printed or electronic version. I selected JW Pepper as a distributor for Reese & Hassing Music. I’ve been happy with them, and have sold several works on their site. Most of the self-published composers don’t get marketing support from JW Pepper.

A  few days ago, I was pleased and surprised to get an email from the orchestra editor at JW Pepper. He was impressed with several of my pieces and decided to give them additional marketing in the College and Community orchestra pages! I’m pleased and honored. The pieces he selected are:

The Mitten

Winter Melodies


He also selected The Ruby That Fell From the Sky for the 21st Century piano works.

What this means is, these pieces appear in a list that pops up when someone clicks on an ensemble type. No more hunting for me by name! I’m just there on the list. My sales will surely increase for these works. I am very happy.

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