The Broken Toe

Shoot! I was running up the stairs and slammed my foot into the riser. Hurt like mad too. Lakshmi is always saying “Slowly Madam”, well Madam is definitely slow now! I had this little foot incident mid-morning on Tuesday. I really thought I had just stubbed it hard. I hobbled to the couch; Lakshmi put ice packs on my foot. Stayed there about 15 minutes, then, back up to the office with another ice pack. I worked all day with ice packs strapped to my foot. I thought I would be fine in a couple hours. About 3:00, I decided to get ready for my spa appointment at 4–you know, turn off the computer, wash my face, put on lipstick, the routine. I could hardly walk. “Oh, I will just walk a little. No problem, I will soon be able to walk” I said. Right. “How can you walk to the Clubhouse? You call Babu, Madam. You call the doctor, Madam.” Hmmm maybe she was right. She’d only been saying that ALL DAY!

By this time, it was too late to cancel my appointment, so I called Babu to come and drive me to the spa. The spa is 2 blocks from our place! He thought I was crazy until he saw me hobble! I am so brilliant; I kept thinking “I’ll be fine in a minute.” I had really been looking forward to my facial and just didn’t want to miss it. They are such a treat.

Poor Babu practically had to carry me into the spa–well, not really, but I had to really lean on him. I couldn’t walk in by the members door either. You have to go up a lot of steps (to get into the Clubhouse), then down to the spa–so I went in the service entrance next to the kitchens and time clocks. By now, I had wised up and called the doctor and for a time to get my foot x-rayed.

Local Hospital

Local Hospital

The closest clinic is Genesis Hospital, pictured above. It is a little rustic looking, but quite pleasant. I wish I had pictures of the very charming “sisters” and doctors that take care of you. All the nurses (even the men) are called “sister”. I think that is their word for nurse. They all know us because within the last 3 weeks, our entire household has been there for one reason or another.

“Now sister” said the nice lady doctor “please make me a beautiful picture without any blurring. I want this angle and that angle. I think her foot is broken, so be very careful.”

I got my foot x-rayed no problem, but before they could develop it, the power went out. Tom and I were in a little room with a cot and a sink and some other equipment waiting for the orthopedic doctor. It was completely dark. Very strange. There was no air conditioning to begin with, just ceiling fans, but they had stopped working. It was dark and soundless. We were the only people there besides the sisters.

I was so lucky to happen to break my toe on the day the orthopedic guy was due to work. Of course, he was stuck in traffic. The general physician left just before the lights went out. We had sat in the dark for some time, when one of the sisters brought us a kerosene lamp. The light from it was really pretty and warm. Romantic, except for the part about the broken toe.

Eventually, the doctor arrived. He took one look at the beautiful not blurry x-ray and pronounced my toe broken. Guess what he used to strap it up?! A plastic splint? Plaster cast? Tongue depressor? Nope. A piece of corrugated cardboard from a box, gauze, and tape. In Germany or America, there would have been a sterile packaged plastic thingy at the very least with a $200 price tag. I paid Rs 600 ($14.02) for the entire visit.

Feet after the break.


Feet before!



Isn’t this cute? More about it on another day.
Easter Sunday
I was taking a nap and had one of those dreams where you jerk awake. I stubbed my broken toe WHILE IN BED!!!! Can’t believe it. Limping again, or still.

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