Coming to a city near you!Tom and Mona’s Travel plans

“When are you coming home? When will you be in town? Will you visit me?”
Everybody wants to know when they can see us. We have the same questions: “When will you come to visit us? Can you come to India?”

Well, we will visit a bunch of places in September and October. Here is the schedule. Please leave a comment on the blog if you want to get together or have a suggestion for a “must see” site.

August and September
August 30 Leave for California on the Pacific route.
August 31 Arrive San Francisco Airport, very, very tired.
August 31-September 2. Stay in San Jose.
September 3 Leave for Mazatlán, Mexico. Anybody want to come along? We have a great place to stay.

September 10 Arrive San Jose.
September 11-15 Thailand. Andrea, this means you. I know you have great spots to visit in Thailand, so make a comment! Post a picture. We will only be in Bangkok.

The Winner of the
 First to Visit India Contest 
is (buzz roll, please)
Barbara Turner!!! YAY!! She will be with us from September 20-28.

Gosh! I hope it’s OK, but Carolyn and Carter, can we stay at your place?

“Sis! You want to stay with us!!!! Fun.”

This is my brother, Carter, and his wife Carolyn when they visited us in Germany. They’ll be surprised when we show up. I better send that email right away.

October 5 (Friday) Arrive in Minneapolis, Minnesota to see our families, especially Tom’s mom who will be there at that time. We’ll be there through Monday which gives Tom time to run the Twin Cities Marathon.

October 8 I’m going to Chicago and Tom’s going back to California. I’m visiting Greer and Michael, Tom has a meeting.

Greer and Michael Ginny and Old Yeller

October 15 We meet in Washington, DC. Tom has a conference. I plan to go to the museums and take my good friend Saam’s daughter Alyesha out to dinner. So, where should we go?

Me and Saam off to a wedding. Alyesha

October 20 Leave for London. Tom’s enrolled at the University of London to get a PhD in legal studies. He will meet with his advisor and do a few things like that. I don’t know anyone in London, so I will hang out at the museums and the food hall at Harrods.

October 25, Arrive home to Bangalore.

Please let me know if you will be in any of these places and want to get together.

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