Meet Tomik and Hendrik

We could not have managed all our time abroad without our dear friends Tomik and Hendrik. These marvelous people lived in our house and took care of it while we were gone. They also took care of us when we came home for visits. We’d come staggering into town after 30 hours on the plane, and they were ready for us. We had a great time partying and visiting with them.

We often go to some delicious Persian or Iranian place with them. Here’s one of our favorites. I love the lavish flowers and the beautiful arches. The food’s not bad either!

Of course, when we moved home so suddenly, they had to find a new place to live right away. The timing was just perfect. Tomik was in the middle of exams for her certification as a skin care specialist. She won top honors at her school, in spite of all the action and fuss going on at home. They did find a lovely place and just like us, are finally settled in.
We went to Arya ( for our most recent event: Live music Friday and Saturday with Belly Dancers. There were a couple Mona dancers as well.
That young girl didn’t stand a chance. I am MUCH more enticing!

We are so grateful for their help. We really could not have been so successful abroad without all their help and friendship at home. Thank you thank you Tomik and Hendrik!

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